Motorcortex MCX-HW Robot Safety Upgrade Kit (SOS+SLS)

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    Upgrade the Standard Safety Solution of the GCC (A1)
    or the MCX Safety Starter Kit (A-5) with the following
    Safety Functions*:
    • Safe Limited Speed (SLS) Enable/Disable
    • Safe Operating Stop (SOS) Enable/Disable

    Note that these Safety Functions must be present in the servo drives.

    Part of the delivery is also the following hardware:
    • Grip-switch with mode keyswitch, estop and deadman switch
    • interconnecting cable (5 meter)
    • connector set
    • EtherCAT FSoE Safe Input module

    (Note: EtherCAT coupler and Safety PLC not included)
    If ordered together with the GCC (A1) the items will be pre-installed.