Motorcortex MCX-HW Safety Starter Kit

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    Quick Start bundle to safely drive EtherCAT-based robot/cobot or machine systems, including:
    • MCX-IPC-4-Core-Atom Motion Controller
    • DIN-Rail clip for MCX-IPC
    • EtherCAT Input Coupler with Safety Inputs and Outputs
    • EtherCAT Output Coupler
    • EtherCAT Safety PLC (FSoE) with Safety Program that provides the following functions:
    ◦ Emergency Stop (1 x 2 channel input for Emergency Stop Button)
    ◦ Software Watchdog (via FSoE input)
    ◦ Software Estop Signal (via FSoE input)
    ◦ Safe Torque Off (STO) Output (2 channel)
    ◦ Error Acknowledgement via FSoE
    • License for the Safety Program (unlimited copies/modifications)
    • Emergency Stop Button Assembly + 5 m Cable
    • All components mounted on a DIN Rail and pre-wired
    • Compatible with Motorcortex Apps